Community Dues

Green Leaf’s community dues help to keep our community safe and beautiful. The money collected is used in several ways, including:

  • The maintenance of all common areas
  • The payment of independent contractors, including a business manager, lawyer, and landscaping manager
  • The purchase of supplies needed for the day to day operations of the association
  • And the planning and execution of community events

Fees do not include, and therefore owners are responsible for, maintaining the individual properties: landscaping, interiors, exteriors, roofing, insurance, etc.

Membership is automatic with the purchase of property in Green Leaf. All members and residents are welcome to attend the Board of Directors meetings (which are posted on entrance and website) and are encouraged to get involved with committees and community events.

The current dues are $92.24 per unit per year. They are due on June 1st each year and late on July 1st each year.

Mail dues to:
PO Box 143005, Gainesville, FL 32614