Frequently Asked Questions

Green Leaf is managed, under the direction of the Board of Directors, by Leland Management, Inc.

Contact information:

Green Leaf Homeowners Association
c/o Guardian Association Management
PO Box 143005
Gainesville, FL 32614
(352) 231-2003

1. When is garbage collection day? What do I do about large garbage piles?

Waste collection day is Monday. Place your trash carts and recycling bins at curbside by 7 am of collection day, but not earlier than 5 pm the previous evening. They must be removed by 9 pm of collection day.

Carts are for the disposal of regular household garbage. If you have extra garbage, place in an officially-marked yellow bag and put it next to your cart. These bags can be purchased at your local Publix.

Orange recycling bins are for paper products, telephone books and cardboard (boxes should be broken down and flattened). Blue bins are for metal and plastic containers (no hazardous waste containers).

Yard trash includes leaves, grass clippings and small tree limbs. It does not include boards or lumber. Limbs must be less than 5 feet in length and smaller than 6 inches in diameter. Yard trash should be put in paper yard trash bags or reusable rigid containers and placed at the curbside by 7am of the collection day or no earlier than 5 pm the evening before. Containers or paper yard bags should not exceed 40 pounds. Debris generated by tree surgeons or other commercial enterprises will not be collected. No burning of yard trash is permitted in this neighborhood according to the Florida Division of Forestry (352-955-2010).

LARGE PILES OR BULK ITEMS: On regular collection day, Alachua County offers free curbside pickup of bulk items including furniture such as couches, tables, chairs and desks. Limited amounts of interior remodeling debris will also be collected.

For appliances, such as stoves, washers and dryers, you must call the County office, 352-338-3233, and City residents must call city office, 352-334-2330, to schedule a pickup of these items. Special collections of exterior materials may be arranged for a fee.

2. Who handles lawn service?

Green Leaf contracts Ground Up Lawn Service (352-494-6691) to mow and care for all the COMMON AREAS. Every resident is responsible for his/her own yard, which extends to the curb, and is free to hire any service of choice or do it yourself.

3. How do I become a member of the Green Leaf Homeowners’ Association?

Membership is automatic with the purchase of property in Green Leaf. All members and residents are welcome to attend the Board of Directors meetings (which are posted on entrance and website) and are encouraged to get involved with committees and community events.

4. What are the dues for the GLHOA?

The current dues are $92.24 per unit per year. They are DUE on June 1st each year and late on July 1st each year. Please mail your payment to Green Leaf HOA, P.O. Box 14121, Gainesville, FL 32604. For further information, email or call 352-379-4641.

5. Can I pay my dues online?

Green Leaf HOA does not accept payments online. Please submit payment by check or money order to the address above.

6. I have changed my address, but am not receiving correspondence from the HOA.

When your address changes, it is your responsibility to notify the Alachua County Property Appraiser’s Office and Green Leaf HOA of your new address. Not carrying out this responsibility can prevent you from receiving notices which, if ignored, may result in attorney and court fees when they go unanswered.

7. I did not receive a bill for my Association dues.

Billing statements are mailed in early May. If you haven’t received the billing statement by the end of May, contact Premier Management Associates at the address above to ensure your mailing address is correct in their records.

8. I need an Estoppel letter.

Assessments, or Estoppels, are requested by the closing agent in the event of a sale. The request goes to Green Leaf Homeowners’ Association, PO Box 14121, Gainesville, 32604 or email

9. Where can I get a copy of the Covenants?

Both the Restrictive Covenants and Bylaws of GLHOA are posted on the website. You can easily receive copies by emailing

10. I would like to build/repair a fence.

Fences are allowed in Green Leaf, per the guidelines outlined in the Covenants Article XI Section 2 and 8. Fencing material should be wood, in harmony with the other structures in Green Leaf. Fencing shouldn’t be nearer to the street than the minimum building set back line. It must be of stockade material, as opposed to wood rails. You are responsible for ensuring that the fencing lies within your property boundaries. Fencing placed over utility right of ways [easements] may need to be removed at the Owner’s expense if the Utility Company needs access to service the utilities. It is strongly suggested you contact the Utility Companies in order to not cut gas, electrical, telephone, or TV cable lines before your dig. For more detailed questions, please contact the Green Leaf Board of Directors by mail or email.

11. I would like to paint the exterior of my unit.

The HOA encourages you to have a nicely maintained property. If you would like to change the color of your unit, please contact the Board via mail or email. Re-painting the same color, including the courtyard, requires no approval.

12. I would like to build a…

To maintain the architectural integrity of our community, the HOA Board or designated Architectural Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving construction in Green Leaf. Please submit drawings of the proposed changes, including the quality and types of materials that will be used via mail or email the HOA Board. Your application will not be reviewed unless such application shall include and disclose in detail:
(a) The type or nature of all buildings, fences, mailboxes or other structures to be erected, changed or altered
(b) Specification of the material and method of construction to be used or employed
(c) Accurate Plans and drawings

13. I want to move to Green Leaf.

Each property is owned and maintained by individual owners. The HOA does not get involved in the rent and sale of properties. Please contact a realtor for further assistance.

14. What is covered by my dues?

The HOA is accountable to all members in the form of the Annual letter which details where your funds go. The money is used to maintain all commons areas, pay for independent contractors, including a property manager, lawyer, security officer and landscaping service. The money also purchases supplies needed for the day to day operations of the association and the planning and execution of community events. Fees do not include, and therefore owners are responsible for, maintaining their individual properties: landscaping, interiors, exteriors, roofing, insurance, etc.

15. I received a violation letter, but…

The HOA ensures that certain standards are maintained within the community, including, but not limited to, the maintenance of your property. According to the Covenants, lawns must be maintained, mowed and kept free of trash and refuse. Large trucks, trailers (whether or not they are holding a boat or other vehicle) may not be parked within Green Leaf. When a property is in violation such as these or others as stated in the Covenants, a letter is sent to the owner of record and the owner is given 30 days to correct the violation. Failure to rectify the violation will cause the problem to be turned over to the attorney and all costs incurred by the HOA in rectifying the issue will be charged to the delinquent property owner. Failure to pay them will cause a lien to be placed against the property. Any disputes to the validity of the information in the letter can be brought up at a Board meeting or made in writing ONLY. If the violation does not occur on your property (i.e. incorrect address was reported), please send documentation to the HOA ASAP.

Last updated January 6, 2016.